skedule yr shit rite, ppl

Also on this trip to St. Louis that I wrote about earlier I realized something contradictory about cell phones: they make day-planning/scheduling both MORE and LESS successful. More succesful, obvs, because of the flexibility to change plans at any time – no longer do five friends need to meet at that place at this time, come hell or highwater (or a chance meeting with an old friend at a sandwich shop, or a killer pair of of black suede vintage pumps, or a transit d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r), they can play it by ear.

But that freedom also often leads to a lack of decision-making. When everything is left up to, “Okay, well call me when you’re done with activity x, and I’ll txt you when I’m on my way to activity y…” things stretch out and no one ever ends up at activity z. If all plans had to be made at 10 am before you left the house, think about how you would differently schedule your day?


technology now equals play

So a few weeks ago I piled into my roommate Natasha‘s Acura with four other sweet-ass dudes and zoomed off to St. Louis to see The Books (speaking of using technology in new+great+unexpected ways..!), and visit some friends. While we were down there we checked out the Science Center, which was pretty cool. Highlight = animatronic T-Rex chowing down a bloodsoaked Triceratops.

Anyway, what is this blog about? JUST KIDDING I TOTS REMEMBER. I visited the Science Center when about was about ten or so, and I remember it being really sciency. To the point that I was like so bo-o-o-ored. This time I still got bored by 64% of the museum, but other 17% was pretty neat… and the remaining 19%?? Holy smokes, it seemed like the most amazing game system/computer/robot/awesomeness/toy/entertainment center EVER.  If I was ten I would have totally died of the awesome. DIED. OF. THE. AWESOME.

Here’s what I’m saying: computer technology that used to be dry and unrelatable to a kid is now the standard for toys and youth entertainment.  I don’t know a single person between the ages of seven and fourteen whose favorite toy/game/activity is not some form of computer. Seriously. I find it FASCINATING how something that used to be perceived as science experiments are now entertainment.

Writing this now seems WAY LESS staggering and more “well, duh.” But. Whatevs. It was totally interesting at the time.

nice ‘tude, dude

Isn’t it SO FASCINATING how different generations have radically different relationships with/responses to/uses of Facebook? People my age (TWENTY-FOUR aka THE BEST AGE EVER (at least for another 6 months, then that title belongs to twenty-five) are totally obsessively invested, but most use it with more than a touch of shame. How often has this conversation taken place?

“Did you hear that Bob did this and this and this?”

“How do you know?”

“I mean… From Facebook… I’m such a stalker… ” <– said abashedly.

Okay I mean this is like the most boring convo ever, so hopefully it’s actually never taken place, but you get what I’m saying. People are embarrassed. Idk why. This is what interaction is now, and it’s not weird or awkward. I much more appreciate the under-20 crowd’s attitude. Most have not experienced any kind of grown-up social interaction without Facebook as their wingman. They find nothing odd about telling someone they loved the outfit he or she wore in Chicago last weekend. OF COURSE they saw it on Facebook, that part doesn’t even need to be mentioned.

Older people are weird. And yes, I am lumping approx 5 generations of ppl together, get over it. I think what my friend Joey said really sums it up: his dad understands the technology of facebook (such as how to post + tag photos or the difference between a writing a message and a writing on a wall), but not the attitude. How funny is it when someone’s mom signs their name at the end of a post? VERY FUNNY. And yes obvs obvs there are like a million exceptions. Don’t get offended. When I am 52 that will be THE BEST AGE EVER.

Welkom compu-fiends//cyber-friends

All I want in the world is to be exactly like Lil Wayne. HILARIOUS + WEIRD + SMART + AND WHOLLY SELF-REPPING in a way that hip hop artists and internet phenoms can get away with.

Ah, internet phenoms. Le sigh. I mean, really. Everyone is pretty much an internet phenom YEAH LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.

Okay, sure, no problem, I would love to.