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Here’s what I find SO FASCINATING: social technology. I mean, what does that even MEAN anymore, right? What is NOT social technology!? Okay, obvs lots of things, like the color orange, and sneezing, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crusts still on, and skepticism.

But the amount of social-ness in my life that is not tied in a pretty immediate way to a technology is small, and just involves my gramma. Going to a party, for example. Would I remember or even know about it without Facebook? I would certainly never show up without texting at least four people to make sure they were already there or on their way. And it would be a total party fail if I didn’t twitter about how drunk I was on the way home and post pics of the outfit I wore to my styleblog the next day.

And love!? DATING!? I have to boast, I am a pretty great in-person flirter, but even I don’t know how I would navigate the first days/weeks/months of a relationship without texting, facebook messages + wall posts, and photos of his entire post-2005 dating history. And after it ends– the stalking of the new gf’s flickr account, the bizarrely public fb relationship status update, and the passive-aggressive gchat status updates are NECCESSARY, people! Breaking up without those things is unfathomable to me.

There are so many goddamn things to say about social technology, I am like CRAZY with it. CRAZY I TELL U.

I srsly want to write about this, like a book or at least a journal article. But let’s be honest, I have enough on my plate. So I’ll just say what I want about these FASCINATING FASCINATING things that I am so FASCINATED with. Little pieces about social technology = sociobytes©

If anyone wants to contribute, holla @ a grrl.


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