It’s a Small World After All (THE REMIXXX.)

Hoooooooooey! Huge shout-out to my sweet lil’ so-n-so roomie Natasha for this amazing sociobyte.

I have spent some time in NYC over the past few years, and have made the acquaintance of one John Wellington Simon. John is way into being a >promoter/performer/dandy/man-about-town< (yah, holla @ mad clubbin if a gal’s wearing high-heels). To that end, he uses facebook and twitter in a very purposeful way – to get people where he’s at.

So peep these mad tecky social connections:

Step #1: I post pics of John and myself on facebook a few weeks ago, Natasha sees them.

Step #2: I follow both John (DandyWellington) and Natasha (twitter name withheld) on twitter and they both follow me (umwhatnelle).

Step #3: When I respond to John via tweet, Natasha connects DandyWellington to the John Wellington Simon who is my legit real-life friend.

Fast forward to the present. Last week (well, almost the present), Natasha is on and WHAT DOES SHE SEE but a reference to John Wellington’s twitter. He is apparently DJing the always top-secretly-located Vogue holiday party. . . and tweeting about where it is. . . Gawker is like “Omigod, look at this dude leaking the secret LOL!” (Okay, maybe they were a bit more well-spoken, but emphasis on a bit.) Party fail, but social networking SUCCESS. And it gets better. Natasha texts me, I text John, John gets on his Blackberry and heads over to, then posts the article to facebook. In the meantime, Gawker has done more research on John, finds his blog, finds the music video of his friend’s single he twittered about “dropping” at the Vogue party. And sure, they are knocking him for being loose-lipped and sinking the Vogue-exclusivity ship, but any publicity is good publicity when you’re in entertainer– especially in this case, when he’s tied to such a rad event.

So Natasha, who has never met John, and lives a thousand+ miles away from NYC, is the one who sounded the original bell alerting Mr. Wellington Simon to his gossip blog fame. Hilarious and FASCINATING. Mostly hilarious.


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