ZOMG our world is so rad.

Emergency post! Amazing & fascinating NEW LEAP has been taken . . .  something I’ve never seen before . . .  something I would never have believed to be true . . .

I think my sweet roommate Emily just got invited to a wedding by being tagged in a fb photo. Peep the pic below.

You guys! This is intense! Intensely great! I got fb-invited-ONLY to two weddings this summer. Both were pretty casual – one for a gay couple (yay iowa) that was pretty much like an amazing cabaret show, one for a couple in the art department that offered make-yr-own pizza. But don’t get me wrong, they were real weddings, with vows and an officiator and cake. And they facebook invited ppl. How rad is that?

This, though, rubs me a little bit the wrong way. I feel like the fb event is sort of weird and hilarious (best compliments evvver, in my book) and tongue-in-cheek. This seems more like . . . lazy. Maybe I’m just being a design snob about the invite, idk.


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  nelled wrote @

Oh hey! So I’ve realized what this actually is. The bride-to-be uploaded an album of the photographer/designer’s work. And then tagged ppl who she had already (i assume) sent BORING OL’ PRINT iNVITATIONS to.

Too bad I’m such a goddamn detective. Sigh… imagining a world where that happened was awesome, albeit short-lived.

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