TIMESPACECONTINUUM is totally fuckkesdz

I finally have enough subdomains/tagged photos/accredited blog comments that the results of my high school track meet and my participation in the 2003 Iowa City Public Library spelling bee have moved from the first page of my google search. THANK GOD. I am not into everyone knowing I was #104, with a time of 10.67. Not like I even know what the hell that means anymore. I feel like it was sprinting and those were seconds. And I was pretty much last place…

Abandoned things stick around online in a way they don’t in the real world, because of the whole infinite v. finite space thing. This is QUITE APPEALING to me aka pack-rat dunlap (The numbr one lesson I learned this fall was Never Get Rid Of Any Clothing Item, Ever.)

Even though I said a paragraph ago that I was “not into” everyone knowing about the sprinting business, truth is I AM. Because me as a horrible 17-yr-old sprinter is just as important as me now. Like, why was I doing that when I was SO BAD at it? Because I failed gym the first two trimesters of my senior year because of class-skipping, and had to join the track team (and take exercise classes at community college) in order to graduate. HOW HILARIOUS IS THAT!? I don’t feel like that fact and accompanying story is deserving of the first page of my google search, but I’m glad it’s still up there. Awwwww!!


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